Trust god to solve some problems

Since they are incapable of a definitive response they will stay in the forefront of heated discussion I guess. The facts show that over 95 percent of the Human inhabitants believe in a God. The most primitive of primitive tribes, found in the depths of the Amazon rainforest, having had no contact with any other human being have all been found to have a God they worship. Be it the sun, the moon, a carving, a natural phenomenon or a religious being they all recognize the existence of a God. From my perspective I’m an avid fan of national geographic, David Attenborough and natural science. One only has to look at character and the way it is synchronized to the finest detail to realize that this may not all be a coincidence. There is undoubtedly some master hand at work.

is God real

I am not going to face the evolutionists here, but I cannot start to accept that everything in creation arose from a living cell that miraculously came into being by accident and then hauled itself from the primal sludge to grow into everything the natural world is now. So let us take for a minute the unequivocal belief within the human race of something superior to ourselves, then why do I believe in the Christian God and why should you. Well luckily my mission is not to convert you; you see I am only the messenger, not the message. What is always amazed me though is how fast people discard the Christian belief without having taken the time to examine is God real. You see Jesus had lots of messages, He taught about love and salvation, the wonders of paradise and the path that leads there, but he also discussed hell the lake of fire and brimstone where ones soul is condemned to eternal flames.

What strike me are the enormity of the decision and the consequences of getting it wrong. I am a corporate man, fund is my game and when my firm faced a risk even 1 thousandth this serious we’d commission a comprehensive due diligence; employ in a group of experts, subject every word to meticulous scrutiny, examine all evidence and we would finally arrive at an informed decision. However when it comes to being a Christian many discard the thought without another thought. For some it is all about peer pressure, for the others the consequences of believing in Christ and how that may limit their lifestyle. In this materialistic world we live in being a Christian is simply not cool.